31 Days from Writing to Writer

It was the dead of winter in central Minnesota. Snow was piling up outside in what would become a year of record snowfall and subzero temperatures. I sat at my extraordinarily ordinary desk, in an architectural firm office, putting together a proposal for an upcoming project. Inspiration in my surroundings was lacking and assembling proposals took little of my mind so I found myself wandering within my thoughts. 

What did I dream of doing with my life? How would I feel if I woke up in twenty years, positioned in this same desk, writing the same proposals? The answer was foggy on that dreary winter afternoon, but has since become much clearer. In that moment, what I did know, was that I was a 23 year old, small town turned city girl, passionately desiring to pursue a career that stretched my creative prowess. How I defined creative prowess was less than clear.

In a moment of harried decision making I walked away from that position. That was 18-months ago. In the time between I began blogging, quite clumsy at first with babbling words that filled the ever full crevices of the world wide web, but slowly (very slowly) a series of moments occurred that changed everything. Moments that made the fog hovering around my dream of stretching my creative prowess a little less dense. 

I began to call myself a writer. 

By no means am I formally educated in writing, editing, journalism, or the like. I’m not published, not seeking at the moment to be published, nor have I found writing to be a magically simple task. It’s actually been a rather arduous task. One that has taken up early mornings, late nights, and precious weekend hours. But don’t take that as a complaint. For myself, the hours, rituals, and education I’ve put into learning the craft of writing reveals everything to me. Only something I truly love would be allowed to consume the time and commitment that writing has in the past 18-months. 

And so from a novice writer, but a writer nonetheless, I could think of a no more fitting exercise than writing about writing for the next 31 days. Because somewhere along the journey of the past 18-months I went from simply writing unintelligible strands of words together, to experiencing the life, hair-pulling, blinking cursor, dried ink, glorious satisfaction that comes from being a writer. Very simple put, October shall be 31 Days from Writing to Writer. 

For the rhythmic individuals reading along I’ve included below a rough outline of where the weeks will take us. For the more spontaneous in the group, feel free to skip over to the bottom from here!

  • Mondays - Dive into and explore the habits of a writer.
  • Tuesdays - Growing your love for Grammar. It’s fussy and dense but always worth sharpening.
  • Wednesdays - A gathering of my favorite writing resources and tools.
  • Thursdays - Let’s write together. Stay tuned tomorrow for more information!
  • Friday - Featured Pieces from beloved writers I have discovered along the way.
  • Saturdays - Highlights of pieces from the “great” writers of today and our past.
  • Sundays - A collection of short stories from my personal life experiences.

I'm joining along with Myquillyn Smith (The Nester) for her annual #write31days challenge. You can read more about the challenge over here.

This page will act as the landing page for each post throughout the month of October. Stop back here daily for new posts and to catch any posts you've missed along the way. 

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