Boxes Tell A Story

130520_boxes final The moving truck is all lined up. Boxes are beginning to overtake our tiny apartment. My black sharpie pen is the highest valued item I own.

It's happening.The changes Guy and I have anticipated, planned for, and prayed over are finally knocking at our doorstep.

Exactly one-week from today the Johnson's are packing up their city apartment and headed temporarily to the burbs. Leaving behind all those cute coffee shops and delicious local restaurants.

Two-weeks from now we'll be in full blown wedding mode. Celebrating the marriage of two of our dearest friends in what is guaranteed to be one of the BEST days of 2013! It's going to be a hot mess of happy tears, joyful grins, and belly aching laughter and I can't wait. What a spectacular way to kick off our summer!

annnnd....two+ weeks from now (precisely the day after the wedding celebrations commence), Guy and I are loading up the car, stocking up on caffeine, throwing in our jams, and hunkering down for the 13-hour drive to Colorado. We'll be spending 6-weeks diving into training and coursework (and hopefully soaking up the mountains that will be out our back door).

I's overwhelmingly huge, and exciting, and a tish exhausting to think about, but we're trusting the Lord for big things. Asking Him to come along side us, to direct our paths, care for us, lead us, strengthen us, and bind us together through all that lies ahead.

There's so much more to share, but for today, I'll leave it at that. Short and sweet dear friends.

What's your story look like this week?


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