getting out the nerves....

I'm gonna be with real with y'all, I'm still a bit nervous about writing on this space. I want to introduce you to myself and welcome you into my life and home, but I'm just not certain how.

I have a husband I want you to meet. Guy. Yes that's his real name and he's beyond a blessing in my life. He is my biggest supporter, encourager, and truth speaker. He is passionate about the Lord and looks at life through the lens of the gospel. He can be serious and compassionate while also super relaxed and silly. There's so much to him that just cannot be explained in a short paragraph, but just know that as I write in this space and refer to "Guy," that's my man.

I want you to know that my hubs and I work for the same organization. We are full-time staff for a college student Christian ministry and are currently in the process of raising up the financial support we need to report to our ministry location. Life is very unpredictable for us right now, but we're just continuing to ride the rollercoaster with faith that the Lord will provide and He's got our backs.

I want to continue to share about our experiences and challenges in ministry and support raising. We do what we do because we are passionate about the gospel and sharing it with others. Our hearts are gripped for the students on today's college campuses; for our next world changers. It's beyond awesome to witness someone's life changed for Christ; to walk with them as they explore The Word, participate in discipleship, and get plugged into community; and to then see them sent into the world to boldly proclaim Christ in whatever profession they pursue. Whoop, just gets my juices flowing writing this!

More than anything, I want you to know that my desire for this space is that you'd see me for who I am; a real, down to earth, makes mistakes, forgiveness asking, and sorely needs grace kinda gal. I'm not perfect, my life's not perfect, and I don't want my online life to appear perfect. I'm hear to be honest with y'all and open the doors to let you in.

So...I'm still nervous....but I'm just going to keep writing if that's alright with y'all....