into the unknown // not my will, but yours

130528_RomansInto the unknown I willingly go. I accept that there may be sacrifices along the way. Comforts may be lost. My plans may not be His and I will daily be giving up control in order to follow Him.

Right now that means even though it's scary to make a leap into the unknown, I will give Him my whole heart. I will continue to speak to myself over. and over. and over again. "Yes Lord, not my will, but yours." I need these words; my flesh tugs on me to walk away, to not face the unknown, to remain in what's comfortable. My flesh tells me that raising our full financial support to work in full-time ministry is just crazy talk. That it's impossible and can't be done. My flesh tells me that we can't possibly go where He's leading and leave behind all that's normal. My flesh tells me my identity is in this world and I should be striving for the world's approval. I could keep going, it's ugly, there's a lot of lies that swirl in my mind each day, lies that are so easy to believe and follow.

And then I read and dwell in Romans 12:1, "I appeal to you therefore, brothers {and sisters}, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship."

And I know from this passage that He's calling me to walk with Him. To put aside the patterns of this world, to call out my flesh for what it truly can be; ugly, distracting, and fear-filled. He's calling me to make my life a living sacrifice for His greater purpose. And because I know there is joy in being obedient to His will and that the prize is worth pursuing; eternity is far better than anything here on earth, I will go. I know there's growth that He has planned for me that is refining, renewing, and cannot be experienced if I am not pursuing Him, ready and willing to go where He leads.

Romans 12:1 gives me great joy! There's so much we have to rejoice in when we give God our willing hearts. Into the unknown I will willingly go.