Selfless Compassion

130520_compassion I've been following along with the Nehemiah study over at SheReadsTruth and my heart has been amazed by the compassion, courage, and trust that Nehemiah exhibits....and we're only in chapter 2!

sidenote...I'm about to ramble a bit, but there's a lot that I've been wrestling with as I've been reading along....some questions I've been asking myself....

  • Am I selflessly compassionate towards others?
  • Do I allow comfortable circumstances or distance to stand in the way of walking through struggles with others?
  • In the past, have I set aside my routines when I knew a friend was in need?

I think the answer to all of those is a resounding...sometimes?...when it's convenient for me?

Don't get me wrong; I care about my family and friends. I love them. I cherish them and want to know that they are doing well and feel genuinely cared for. But when it comes to helping them out when they are in need, I look back and see my selfishness standing in the way of true biblical compassion. I allow myself to help them only when it's convenient for my schedule and myself. Not all the time, but more often then I think I'd like to admit to.

In Nehemiah 1:4, Nehemiah hears that his people (who are miles and miles away) are suffering and their city is in ruins and his response was:

"As soon as I heard these words I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before God of heaven."

How AWESOME. and Humbling. and completely Selfless.

I'm dwelling in Nehemiah's response this week. I'm challenged to consider how I can be showing biblical compassion to those around me. I want to put down my schedule for a moment and look around at the people in my life. Truly look at them. Asking them how I can be caring for them. Praying for them. Mourning with them. Fasting with them. And Celebrating with them. I'm asking God to give me a compassionate heart like Nehemiah's. One that truly sees others and cares for others well.

Will you join me? I'd love to hear what biblical compassion looks like in your own life!:)

Blessings and Happy Monday!