Sharing with Confidence

Starting this blog has been a lot fun. I have loved pouring my time into designing this space. The process of developing a logo and brand, determining color schemes and fonts, and creating custom buttons has had my creative juices flowing this spring. I'm recharged when designing and the experience of designing a blank slate with splashes of color and beautiful words is beyond exciting. I have also enjoyed learning the nitty gritty aspect of starting this blog. I'm a learner; taking in new information and developing new skills fuels me. I've had many moments of frustration as I've navigated the waters of writing code, widgets, plug-ins and so much more, it's made my head spin, but it was all worth it for this moment.

Writing my first post.

I'm not a writer. I'm not eloquent with my words. I'm terrible at being funny or clever. I'm not an expert in any field.

BUT I am learning to be confident in my voice.

I'm learning what it means to be confident in my identity in Christ.

I'm learning it's okay to have likes and dislikes that differ from my peers. I'm learning that my interests and skills are uniquely me and I should embrace them and enjoy them, not hide them or be ashamed. I'm learning my identity doesn't come from my degree, being a wife, designing graphics and prints, or any other label.

My identity is in Christ.

I can be confident in this space, in my voice, because He will use this space for His glory if I allow Him.

I won't always have the right words, share the funniest stories, or take the best photos, but I hope you'll stick around and grant me grace as I learn to be confident in my voice and share a part of myself with you on BecomingBryn.