Summer // Starts Now


It's the first true sign of summer. Memorial Day Weekend.

It signifies the beginning of weekends at the lakes and beaches. Flip flops and sundresses. An abundance of frozen yogurt and lounging out on the patio. Evenings spent around bonfires. Iced Coffee. There's so many great things that come along with summer. We celebrate it, enjoy it, and soak it in for the few short months that it'll stick around.

But on the eve of all our summer vacations, today also signifies something much greater, much more important. I don't want to overlook the true meaning of today.

I want to say 'thank you and I am beyond proud of you' to my Grandpa Stanley. A sincere thank you for his time spent in service for our country, for the many freedoms I enjoy this very day because of him. He's no longer here with us, but I want to slow down today and remember and cherish him. Today we celebrate and honor Grandpa Stanley. We celebrate and honor all the men and women who gave their life for this country and who have served or are serving to protect this country. Thank you! I am ever grateful and words can never truly express the thanks and honor you all deserve.

Our summers are on the cusp of beginning. It's lovely and exciting and I'm ever thankful that I'm able to enjoy these long summer days because of the great sacrifices of others. I celebrate them today.


Happy Memorial Day!