Thursday Things

1] See that little peek of sunshine? That's the ONLY sun we've seen all week, but alas, there's clear skies and 70's in the forecast for Sunday and I am ecstatic! I foresee a walk in the near future and maybe some dinner on the deck. Sunday's going to be real good. photo2

2] And going along with that beautiful golden sunshine are these equally beautiful (and vertically challenging) wedges. I'm training my clumsy feet to walk in these ladies, specifically walk in them while in the grass. I've got an outdoor wedding in one-week and falling on my face while coming down the aisle is not a glamorous option. Did I mention I lack basic coordination skills?


3] now that the weather is sort of, maybe, might be looking like summer (cross your fingers), I've broken out the chicken salad sandwich recipe. It's a summer favorite around here. It can be made ahead of time, chilled in the fridge, and slapped on your choice of bread and boom...dinners done, there's minimal cooking and you're hopefully sitting outside under that amazing sunshine as you're

4] speaking of food....what would make the perfect finish to a summer dinner? Froyo. Did I tell y'all that I have a raging sweet tooth? Froyo makes it feeeel like I'm not eating something that's completely bad, right? I've been enjoying this delicious Froyo, oh yeah and I picked it solely because it was the cheapest...the thought of spending $4.00+ on frozen yogurt makes me weary.


5] and last on my list of random thoughts for you, bagels. and my husband. Guy and I have a strong affinity for those breakfast Brueggers bagels. Piping hot egg, melted cheddar cheese, plain bagel for Guy, parmesan-asiago for me. Mmm...mouth watering. In case your wondering, that's my handsome man modeling his bagel choice. Isn't he great?:)


That's Thursday y'all (or at least a scattering of my thoughts from the week).