Beautiful Summer Spaces

There's something about summer gatherings that has always struck my fancy. The warm nights, the scent of a bonfire or grill in the air, bowls of fresh seasonal fruit, and cool refreshing drinks scattered across a table. Summer can be a lovely time to host a gathering in your backyard. While Guy and I don't have a backyard yet (or any yard), I look forward to the day we can gather friends, family, and neighbors around a large table on the patio or deck. What better way to grow close to those you hold dear or build relationships with those you just met, then around the dinner table, under the summer skies? These are some of the lovely spaces I'd love to create one day in my own backyard:

130621_summerspacesources: Image 1//Image 2//Image 3//Image 4


Have a lovely weekend! We'll be off exploring Denver with my Aunt and Uncle!