Love Where You Live

You've heard me mention it in the past, but today I'm linking up with all the women over at the Influence Network to share a snippet about where we grew up and give a little plug for the community we live in today. If you're not familiar, the Influence Network was created to be a space where women can come to connect, engage, and leave more equipped and inspired to influence our individual online and offline communities. Be sure to hop on over to the Influence Network Blog and read-up on the lives of women across the world!


Let's dig in:

THEN: Southwestern Minnesota pretty much sums up my childhood. There are a handful of small towns that make up my past but I thought I'd highlight a few fun facts for y'all.

For the first five years my stomping ground was a little town, population 1,100, that included a corn field for a backyard, tee ball games with the neighbor kids, and stops at the local drug store for some sweet candy treats. These are my pretty amazing siblings on one of our many family vacations. That's me in the middle.


We moved after Kindergarten to a larger city (with fast food, Target, and a mall! woah hold the phone!). I had a best friend who moved in across the street in third grade and we were inseparable from day one. I can still remember looking out my bedroom window, walkie talkie in hand, chattin it up with my bestie across the street as he peered out his window. Our adventures were legit.

Junior High and High School were back in a smaller town, the Corn Capital, to be exact. I'm not kidding, our claim to fame is corn. For honesty's sake....Junior High and High School were pretty awkward. Braces, a lanky body, and always a little uncomfortable in my skin pretty much sums those years up. I'm pretty darn happy those years are behind me. Looking back I wish I could have told my high school self to be confident, secure in my body, and that it's really great to embrace your likes regardless of what everyone else is doing.

NOW: My husband and I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. We LOVE the cities. Particularly all the parks, trails, lakes, and beaches. On a typical day you'll find us going for walks, runs, or bike rides around the many lakes and trails. And sneaking in tastings of whatever cheesecake, froyo, cake or dessert we can get our hands on. And while I know it's not local, we frequent Starbuck's and Chipotle maybe a little too much.


If you make it up to the Twin Cities I'd highly recommend a trip to Isle Bun & Bakery for a mouth watering cinnamon roll.

From there take a stroll around Lake of the Isles and admire some amazingly beautiful and large, old homes.

For lunch I'd recommend swinging over to St. Paul to Cafe Latte. Grab yourself a fresh salad, sandwich, or soup, but be sure you save room for the best dessert you've ever tasted. The Chocolate Buttercream is to.die.for. If you can only do one thing while in town, get dessert, it's worth a trip!

A little afternoon shopping never hurts and Patina is mesmerizing. I guarantee you will find the perfect, original gift for everyone. And it's just beautiful to browse with a coffee in hand.

Finish your day at the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis. It's iconic and just plain charming during sunset.

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