Thursday Things


1] Any other Midwest ladies sporting glowing white legs lately? Mine don't just glow, they blind people with their whiteness. So of course, in preparation for our friends wedding this weekend I thought I'd use some Jergens Natural Glow to warm up those legs so the crowd doesn't need sunglasses when looking up front. BUT alas, once again I was reminded that I shouldn't mess with what I've been given. Following my first use of the lotion I proceeded to break out in a very nasty, giant rash. All. Over. My Legs. And it itched. Bad. I seriously feel for all those children with the pox, it's SO hard trying not to scratch. Enter my very much recommended home remedy for oh so itchy rashes. Baking Soda. One cup baking soda in a hot bath, soak for 30-minutes, and instant relief. No more itch and at least now I can let the rash disappear without scratching my skin off. I refrained from photographing my legs to prove this amazing remedy because it was just to awful. Baking Soda folks. Put it in your back pocket for future itchy situations. A-Maz-Ing! 130606_Jergens


2] The zoo. That amazing little place where it's totally appropriate to walk around roaring like a tiger, scratching your head like the monkeys, and smushing your face against the glass because you can almost touch the animals. Pretty spectacular. Nough said. We had fun. We laughed. We danced. We picnicked. We saw Sparky the sea lion and chased after tigers. It was a highlight of our week.



3] My bestie is getting married! Married! Saturday! It's happening folks. And this incredible woman is marrying an equally incredible man and I'm excited. She's always been by my side since day one of college. She's the kind of friend that you share everything with, you spend 4-days in a row of your winter break watching entire seasons of Gilmore Girls, you eat endless amounts of popcorn over late night chats and movies, you willing choose to share a room with for all your years in college, you cry on each others shoulders, and can laugh at the not-the-least bit funny moments. She's near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to celebrate this big day with her.


Enjoy and embrace those little and quirky moments of your week. Happy Thursday!