Thursday Things

The Johnson's made it to Fort Collins, Colorado on Monday afternoon!

We feel beyond blessed to be here and excited to see what God has in store for our summer. This past week has been filled with crazy, busy, sweet, joyful, stressful, and exhausting moments.

There's been some pretty sweet road trip moments. Beautiful South Dakota/Nebraska skies, open roads, and long uninterrupted conversations with Guy. I truly enjoy road trips for the sole fact that you can have some wonderful conversations, the ones that dig deep, lead to dreaming big about the future, and belly aching laughter about past memories.



At the end of road trip day 1, we arrived at our destination for the night, North Platte, Nebraska. While the hotel was less than desirable (so happy to have packed those sleeping bags), there was a B-E-A-Utiful Starbucks sighting, the first in many, many, many miles! I knew I could rest "easy" (or as easy as possible when there's more life in your hotel room than just you and the hubs) with that sweet, sweet caffeine fix headed my way upon awakening.



And tonight (Wednesday night), after finishing up a day of outreach in the City of Denver. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with joy for all the Lord is doing in this sweet city, He graced us with a stunning showcase of His creation. He is at work in Fort Collins and Denver. I'm humbled by the grace He has already poured out on me during the challenges of this transition and the busy days we're in the midst of. Isn't He breathtaking?



Where has this week taken you? I'd love to here how you're doing!

Blessings on your Thursday!