Thursday Things

We're slowly getting into a rhythm out here in Colorado. To sum up our days, we attend lecture in the mornings and proceed to spend our afternoons rotating between studying, eating, and taking bathroom breaks (showering is optional, hence my lovely new baseball cap which you'll be seeing a lot of this summer). My tush is getting more than enough use while my legs are crying out for me to get a movin. But truly, there are no complaints here, the studying, while lengthy, is incredibly interesting and is growing myself and Guy in numerous ways. 130620_pic1

In order to make sure we students don't keel over in our books, they've given us intramural sports! Whoop Whoop! I'll talk a study break and play some beach volleyball any day. Doesn't matter that we're no good and there's 14 people on my team so you play for a whole 15-minutes. It's summer everyone should enjoy it a little bit right?


And did I mention there's a pool? That sweet respite of potent chlorine scents and chilly water temperatures. I wouldn't have it any other way. Note, the volleyball and swimming are occurring after much pleading from my legs that I get off my tush and use them. I admit, they were right, it's pretty darn refreshing and gets the head cleared and geared up for more studying. Alas...there are no pictures of me swimming. I'm pretty sure my lane buddy didn't want to be on showcase for the world to see;).

I know you already saw an overwhelming amount of pictures from our weekend in Estes Park on Wednesday, but seriously, it was THE HIGHLIGHT of our time in Colorado thus far and if something that great deserves a few more photos. This beauty of a collage is a glimpse into the mind of my husband. Read on. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Dangerous Idea 1: This would be about the time he seriously contemplated if hanging from the tree over a large body of icy, mountain water would make a sweet picture.


Dangerous Idea 2: And now we see him leaping over the waterfall. Thankfully this photo looks far more epic than the actual events. No one was hurt or seriously injured in the taking of this photo.


Dangerous Idea 3: Lastly, on a side note, isn't he handsome? There's him leaving his wife in the dust as he bolts up the steps, leaping over the waterfall (not pictured), all for the perfect photo op of laying on a giant boulder. This is my spunky, creative, loves to have fun and sometimes filled with slightly dangerous  ideas man and I wouldn't have it any other way!



All you ladies out there, do your husbands/boyfriends/men that are friends have the same adventurous spirit as my man? What crazy ideas have you witnessed?

Happy Thursday All!