Weekend Wrap-Up


It's finally here! Guy and I are headed out to western Minnesota to celebrate the marriage of two dear friends. We are so happy for this couple and are beyond excited to see how the Lord will use their marriage for His will. It's going to be a lovely outdoor event and we're all praying the weather remains clear skies and warm. Bring on the girly chit-chat the night before, nails being painted, hairstyles filled with excessive amounts of bobby pins, and happy tears and laughter flowing all. day. long. It's going to be pretty perfect. Following all the celebrations, on Sunday, Guy and I are hitting the highways and beginning our road trip to Colorado. Anyone have any must-see stops for our trip down through Iowa, Nebraska, and western Colorado (particularly food and coffee stops and the occasional quirky shop)? I'll be writing to you all from the great state of Colorado starting on Monday. May your weekends be filled with quiet rest before the Lord, celebrations of your abundant blessings, and sweet moments with your family and friends. Have a lovely weekend!

A few links for your weekend enjoyment:

We were at a graduation ceremony last Saturday and the commencement speaker spoke about The Pillars of Trust and how trust, not money, is the key to success in life an business. Something to chew over for your weekend. He's commencement speech left me wanting to know more, I may be adding his book to my reading list soon.

I'm in the middle of this book as part of an assignment for our classes this summer. It's a really powerful and an equally simple read about Jesus Christ. Might be a great book to start off your own summer.

What's your relaxation style? Mine might be reading if you couldn't gather that already.

Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone this summer.

Perfect Beach Waves? Does anyone know if this really works?

An experimental e-book. Tired? Spent? Feel like you've lost yourself a little?

I'm going bold with this color. This is big.


Have a Lovely Weekend All!



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