Weekend Wrap-Up

130615_road As I write this post it's nearing 1:00 AM (on Thursday night). My brain is mush. My eyes are heavy. My creative juices are waning. Hallelujah the weekend is near. Have you ever experienced those days where there's more to do than there's time in the day? Phew, has today been one of those days! Boy am I so thankful it's Friday. In the midst of our homework and course load, Guy and I are hoping to do some hiking up in Rocky Mountain National Park Saturday morning followed by some classic board games and fellowship with some new sweet friends. On Sunday we're hoping to check out a local church which will hopefully give us greater focus as we dig into more studies, homework and lectures in the coming week. If you're coming off a difficult week, maybe it's been stressful and busy like ours, maybe theirs been tough conversations to be had, whatever your circumstances I hope and pray that you'll seek rest in the Lord this weekend. That you'll sit in the quiet and the stillness for a moment and allow Him to wash over you, to wash away the messy of your week and renew you for a new day Monday.

A few links for your enjoyment:

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Blessings on a restful weekend!