a little of this + that

130723_this+that It's 6:00AM on a Sunday morning,  that 'classy' dorm room we've been residing in all summer is packed up [hallelujah]. The car is overflowing with our belongings from the past 6-weeks. I've managed to leave a teeny-tiny space open so we can watch the mountains disappear behind us through our back window.

Our days in beautiful Colorado have gone away and as of yesterday, we're diving head first into very uncharted territories. I'm excited to share more with you about these 'uncharted territories', but they'll be plenty of time for that in the coming months. Let's bring you up to speed on a little of this + that:

  1. You might have noticed things look a little different around here. Part of the reason it's been so quiet lately is this fresh, modern, and colorful re-design. I hope you'll enjoy the changes!
  2. Weekends this summer? How might one spend them while in mountainous Colorado? ....I'm happy to report we took full advantage of all Colorado has to offer. Our adventures took us from scenic drives along the continental divide to a mentally and physically challenging 12-mile hike to 13,000 feet above sea level!  The views were simply breathtaking and the alone time with Guy are some of my most cherished memories from this summer.
  3. Mid-July brought us a week of celebration + community! 5,000+ Cru Staff attended this years national conference and it was completely overwhelming, busy, and crazy good all at the same time. As a first timer, I was blown away by the depth of content at the conference. The speakers spoke truth and poured into us with scripture that I will be processing for many months to come. The worship team brought me to tears multiple times and the precious time we were given to spend with new + old friends was a welcome new rhythm I will miss as we transition back home.
  4. And of course, as I hinted above, Guy and I have some new roads ahead. In the coming months, we'll be heading into the uncharted territories of raising our full financial support so we can move cities and begin working with our future staff team. God has given Guy and I a clear calling into full-time ministry and throughout what I know will be a challenging season we will, by faith, choose to believe God, take courageous action, and see God glorified! I'll being sharing more in the coming months, but there's a little of this + that from our past month.

What's God been up to in your lives this summer?