Life Lately

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With our return to Minnesota has come days filled with scheduling, phone calls, meetings, and planning.

We're entering the trenches of support raising.

And as I will myself to climb out of bed each morning there is a constant nagging feeling of being overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with a lack of control. Overwhelmed with too many unknowns. Overwhelmed with a fear of rejection. Overwhelmed with to-do lists that only grow.



But then, there's those quiet moments, when the sun is just rising and the house is still quiet. It's just me and The Word and lately a little Spurgeon.

In those moments my overwhelming thoughts, which are really just a disguise for my lack of trust in Him, are washed away.

I am given the sweet reminder that I am forever with Him.

Every fearful thought, moment of panic from a growing to-do list, or feeling of anxiety from my lack of control is banished.

I will rejoice with exceeding joy.

He has bestowed upon me abundant blessings and an opportunity for me to trust Him with open hands and a willing heart.



So while life is a little (or a lot) less in my hands lately, this season is a needed reminder of Him.

Trusting Him and His promises. Leaving my hands and my heart open for His doings.

~ Bryn