Encountering Jesus All Day // A Secondary Heartbeat

I'm so excited to introduce you all to Nadine from A Secondary Heartbeat today! She has some truly encouraging thoughts to share with you on encountering Jesus throughout the day, not just in your morning routines. 

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My morning routine isn't fancy. It really isn't inspiring. But it is mine.

When my alarm goes every morning, once I've finished hitting snooze five times, I roll over, grab my phone, and typically hop onto Twitter and Instagram. As I read how others are doing, I slowly wake up. As I lie in bed, I often look at my ceiling and just think mindlessly about what I'll wear. I think about work, about the day that is about to happen, and just try to get ready in my head and in my heart.

I don't have a long or fancy morning routine. I value a later sleep-in over a long morning routine.

The morning isn't my deep heavy spiritual time. I am not the 5am girl who has her Bible out by 5:15. I'm the girl who is simply trying to redeem each part of my day with truth.

I know for myself, I have a real tendency to forget truth. It's easy for me to get caught up in lies and bad conversations. So I have to make sure I'm in my Bible multiple times a day. The scriptures center me so that I can better attempt to live out the gospel all day.

I remember sitting with a pastor from my church at a coffee shop last year. He asked me how my devotional life was, and I squeamishly mentioned that while it wasn't fantastic, it was better than it had been previously.

He encouraged me that instead of trying to have one devotional time each day, I should instead be looking for encounters with Jesus throughout my day.

It was then that I started to be intentional in the morning, in the mid morning, in the afternoon, in the early evening, and at night - at every moment, to be looking for Jesus.

Prayer wise, I find I tend to pray a lot more in the evening than in the morning. I tend to have the most questions for God late at night as I try to fall asleep. So while I try to pray continuously throughout the day as best I can, my big huge prayers are at night.

Once I've determined what type of morning it is (do I work today?), I get ready for my day. Pretty quickly, I'm out the door, two coffee travel mugs in hand.

As I hop onto the train, which takes me to work in about 12 minutes, I'll open up my Bible App and start reading. I read through my She Reads Truth plan as the train carries me downtown to work.

I need the truth of the Gospel to start off my day. I need it to breathe freely, and to fluently speak truth to the people I encounter at work all day long.


Have you met Nadine from A Secondary Heartbeat yet? I encourage you to hop on over to her blog sometime today and read more about her Story. Her heart is gripped for the gospel, plain and simple. And I just love her honesty, humbleness, and truth filled writing, as Nadine says, "I'm just a girl. I'm nothing fancy. I haven't got much figured out, but what I've got is all because of the transforming and restoring work of the King of kings - His name is Jesus."