Striking up a Conversation

130803_Conversation I am horrible with long distance relationships.

You see, I don't particularly love talking on the phone, following up with emails, or even video chatting. If I can't sit down with you in person I often become downright lazy in the relationship and fail to maintain the connection.

It's a pattern that I'm working hard to break. So many of my close friends have moved or are moving across the country. I want to love them well and share our lives regardless of location.

And then I'm also struck with how this pattern has continued in my relationship with the Father. I have neglected to communicate with Him because I can't hear an instant response. I haven't struck up a conversation with Him lately; sharing my joys, thanksgiving, struggles and pains. I have been silent. Allowing the 'distance' to be my excuse for just plain laziness.

But as Spurgeon so beautifully states, "If I am a child of God, I should seek my Father's face, and live in my Father's love...If He has said much about prayer, it is because He knows we have much need of it."

I have much need to be communicating with the Father. He is the most important one in my life.

I am given numerous examples in scripture to "pray continually." Declaring He is not someone I converse with solely in my prayers before bed, but I can and should be in constant conversation with Him throughout the day. He is "near to all who call on Him" and not a long distance relationship.

He is walking with you and me each and every day. Let's strike up some conversations with Him.