What gets me out of bed each morning...

130819_mornings.leia You know what gets me out of bed each morning?

The Quiet.

Knowing everyone is still asleep and feeling I have the whole world to myself.

I will gladly rise first in our home just to soak in these precious quiet moments.

No errands, phone calls, meetings, conversations, or emails swirling in my mind. Those can all wait until later. This is my morning time.


My morning time is a time to prepare.

Preparing my mind for the day. Plan. Plan. Plan. Each night, before bed, Guy and I review the day ahead. What's upcoming on the schedule, meetings, deadlines, etc? Planning well the night before gives me the freedom to enjoy the quiet of my mornings. There's no need to open my email or planner right away because I already know what's on tap for the day.

Preparing my heart for the day. Time with Him. With my coffee in hand, I break out what I’m reading, my bible, a notebook, and pen; take some time to jot down whatever sticks out to me that day, and keep it simple and manageable. I’ve never been one to journal much, but I like to jot down random verses or quotes that strike me. I place them into Evernote on my iphone and come back to them throughout the day. Not elaborate in the least and pretty manageable no matter how busy my morning gets.

Preparing my body for the day. Exercise and Green Smoothies. I love to run in the mornings and a pre-run green smoothie fuels me for my workout while sustaining me until lunch. In the coming weeks I'll share some of my favorite exercise routines and green smoothie recipes!

This is what works for myself, in this season of life, for my morning routines. It's not perfect or elaborate, but if I make it too fancy I know I will fail.

What morning routines work for you? We all operate differently and we have so much to learn from each other about starting our days off on the right note. Stop back this Wednesday to hear Nadine from A Secondary Heartbeat share her mornings with you! She's wonderful and I know you will be blessed by her sweet words and kind heart!