What I Learned in August

Oh August, the last sweet bit of summer. It's been a unique August to say the least. Here are the six things I learned in August in no order: 130830_Friends

1// Things change. Obvious I know, but for the first time post-college, my girlfriends, and myself included, are taking very different paths and moving to very different places. Don't get miss hear me, we still have amazing times together, but they’re becoming less frequent and more often happening via Skype. It's been an adjustment and it makes me miss all the times we had together in college. It seems like only a minute ago we were lying on the couch, eating popcorn and dreaming about where we would go one day in our run-down college apartment. I guess that one-day is now and it's just a little bittersweet.

2// And on a totally different note, I discovered I really, really love spicy foods. Spicy junk food to be exact. My mother-in-law introduced me to Sriracha flavored Lay’s and Jalapeño Cheetos and oh man, self. control. gone. I will not be purchasing those for myself frequently.

3// I may like techno? Wha? I dunno, but I think this song is pretty wonderful. Doesn’t it make you wanna get up and dance?

4// You can’t judge a book by its cover. Again, probably something obvious to most, but I’ve been reading And the Mountains Echoed this month and while reading I kept thinking how every character had a whole lifetime of events woven into their story that made them who they are today.  Every person I interact with has events woven into their story, entirely unique to them, and directly relating to how they interact with me. That changes things.

130830_lake 5// I really love weekends at the Lake Cabin with family. Spotty cell phone service means the phone stays in the car for the weekend, no technology, no distractions; just fun with the fam, eating lots of amazing food, and spending the days floating in the water or on the boat. August has been so good to us.

6// Let's change gears a minute and talk toilet paper. Or rather cheap toilet paper. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to purchasing toiletries, but I learned this month I have a limit. I'm on to you cheap, on-sale, Angel Soft toilet paper. I swoon at your low prices for a 12-pack, toss you in my cart with a chipper smile, only to arrive home and find 12 very, VERY, very small rolls. Rolls that barely last the day. Never again Angel Soft, never again.

7// And to end, on a more serious note, over and over again this month, God has been faithful in His promises. Prayer has been powerful. And I have so many days that I forget these truths.


Alright, it's your turn. What did you learn in August?



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