Where are we going? // Milwaukee?

130812_Milwaukee You may remember my post last week about finding the sweet spot in how much to share online. I’m only just beginning to engage the boundaries of what to share and what to keep quiet. Most on my mind lately is the sweet city we’ve set our eyes upon, Milwaukee.

If you know us well, you already know that Guy and I have made five moves in our two short years of marriage. Many of our wedding presents remain boxed at his parents’ house; waiting for the day they have a place in our lives. On a sidenote, the fact that we haven’t used much of our gifts from the wedding is probably an indication of their ‘necessity’ in our lives, but I digress, that’s for another day. Back to the present, we’re not done moving yet. In the coming year there’s definitely two, possibly three moves on the horizon. We’re aiming to be U-Haul’s customers of the year by the end of 2013!

You see; most would shudder at the thought of 6+ moves in two years. I’m just keeping my eyes on the goal in front of us. Our end destination, the city of Milwaukee! A city with just under 600,000 people, situated smack dab on the shores of Lake Michigan, filled with new neighborhoods to explore, and new people to meet.

Milwaukee will be the city where for the first time, Guy and I are both working in full-time ministry. For the first time we’ll both be living in a city we’ve never been to or grew up in. We’ll be learning how to do ministry in a new context, under new leadership, with a new demographic of students and people. There’s a history to Milwaukee we have yet to unearth. Established city rhythms to observe and begin to participate in. All this keeps me moving, literally and figuratively.

Have you been to Milwaukee or are you living in Milwaukee? What can you share about the history, culture, and values of the city? What do you love about the city?