Day 1 // 31 Days Freed from Expectations

31-Days-Sidebar-Button.650X217 At some point in each of our lives we realized something that would be forever hard to forget.

We started to look at ourselves in the mirror and see only flaws. We started to analyze the width of our eyes, the shape of our face, the height of our cheekbones, our lips, hips, legs; each and every part of ourselves we were looking for flaws.

We fed ourselves images of women who were the perfect shape, had the perfect skin, and were perfectly dressed.

We tried the newest fad diets, the latest exercise craze, and when all else failed we tried to cover our ‘flaws’ with new clothes and make-up.

But what if we all had it wrong? What if we all were holding ourselves to impossible expectations? What might it mean for you and for me to look at ourselves in the mirror and see only beautiful women; not only on the outside, but also on the inside?

Sure society certainly places expectations on us, but we ourselves are often the culprits of some of the ugliest expectations.

This is Day 1 of 31 Days Freed from Expectations. Will you join along in freeing yourself  from the expectations of womanhood? And if you're curious, you can follow along with the other 31-Day Writers.


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