Hello Fall

Hello Fall. You bring with you pumpkins, apple orchards, cool temperatures, and changing colors.


But I sense there's more than just a season changing around here.

I've sensed it for a while now. A constant nudging on my heart and mind lately.

It started months ago with Shannon as she wrote her honest feelings on her transition to life in the inner city. It continued as I read about Katie's heart for the women and children in Uganda and Jen's desire to fast from the excess. There were sermons that challenged me to look at who or what I am putting before Him. Stories from friends who have been serving in communities with cycles of poverty and brokenness far removed from anything familiar to myself. And of course, there's Milwaukee, our future home.

I don't know how all those pieces fit together right now. I don't know how or where He's leading me. But there are a few things I know to be true that I walk forward holding onto.

I know I am passionate about Christ. I desire to learn how to love as Christ loves me. I'm grappling to learn how to love and care for others who are different than myself. I am following His lead without knowing the end destination. I struggle with the constant battle between 'wanting more' and believing He is all I need. I see so much brokenness in this world, including in my own life. I see the need for reconciliation to God and between marriages, families, communities, and countries. But I know only one can bring true reconciliation. I cannot 'fix' the brokenness. I cannot bring about reconciliation in my own power or doing. It is only through Him. It is upon Him I will lean and listen and follow.

What are you discovering in this change of seasons?

~ Bryn


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