Newly Married with New Mornings // Streetlights to Stars

Hey everyone! Meet Erin. She's newly married, recently moved to a new city, and is now embracing her new surroundings with her new hubby. She's full of transitions right now and full of great thoughts on setting morning routines in the midst of change. Y'all, this girl writes with such abundant joy and a heart oozing with thankfulness for each day. Enjoy a slice of Erin's morning: 009

Mornings have always been nothing short of chaos these last few years. As I've shared a bathroom with more than a couple girls for most of my adult life, there was inevitably a shortage of counter space and hairspray. I woke up at the latest time possible and, 20 minutes later as I'm climbing in the car, I usually realized: a) would be eating a bag of grapes and an old brownie for lunch, b) was going out in public with three day old hair, or c) walked out of the house without shoes. Let's just say it was a struggle.

Since getting married just over two weeks ago, the morning situation has taken a 180. We moved to a new town where my husband will be the intern pastor for a year and I'll be taking on some fun side jobs to help buy the groceries. Our schedules feel like a vacation after the summer craziness and we are able to start off on the right foot with our rhythm and routines. Mornings have become some of my favorite times and I'm kinda loving the switch.

Usually, (and when I say usually I mean for the past week of living here...), after waking up I head straight towards the coffee maker. One, because it's new and so awesome, and two because, well, I love my coffee. In fact, after telling my husband what I was writing a blog post on, he says, "Oh! Morning routines: wake up, cuddle, drink coffee, THEN talk." He's catching on to the fact that I can't talk about much of anything until I've got a cup.

Soon after, I plop down on the couch with a devotional book and wake up a bit with the Word in our quiet living room. Lately I've been loving Spurgeon's Mornings & Evenings, alongside with many other women from the Influence Network. I've never been one to sit and meet with the Lord in the morning except on the weekends but it sure has been amazing being able to do that lately. Husband comes and sits with me if he has time before heading out the door and we chat about the day and about life and about how flippin' blessed we feel in this season. Sometimes he makes breakfast and we sit at the table all fancy and grown-up like.

One thing I've found really helpful in times of transition is to create routine right away. Find that consistency in the newness of it all and own it. Let yourself feel familiar with something. Even if it's using the same coffee mug or eating the same thing for breakfast. Transition is hard on some level for everyone and it's okay to give yourself some grace in the midst of it to feel the way you feel and not force anything.

I'm sure we'll look back on this time without kids and think man, what luxury to wake up on our own time and spend the morning in a quiet home getting ready for the day. All you moms and dads are rockstars, ya hear? As much as I am looking foward to the day we get to start a family, I'll take these mornings for now and soak it all up. We truly feel so lucky to experience this new life together and find out what that looks like in our home and in our ministry as we move forward.

Thanks Leia, for letting me share a bit. I have so enjoyed the insight on other's morning routines through this series. You can find me over at Streetlights to Stars and tweeting @streetsandstars, stop by and say hey if you'd like!