Quiet Mornings for New Moms // Whatever the Circumstances

I'd like to introduce you all to Allison. She has an absolutely lovely blog over at Whatever the Circumstances. She's a wife, new(ish) mom to her adorable daughter Millie, a biology teacher, and is truly an encouraging blogger in all her writing. She's stopping by today to share her morning routines as a new mom. Enjoy and be sure to stop by and say hi! Morning Routine 1

I am going to put it out there right now and tell you I love the mornings. I don’t think I always realized how much I love the mornings; however, has become clearer to me through motherhood. There is something magical about those quiet first few moments of the day when most of the world (or time zone) is still asleep, the early morning light is beginning to peak through the windows and thoughts of the day are swimming through my head. It is safe to say I am a morning person.

My mornings are pretty simple, and pretty routine, probably because it is really important to me to have a good morning. The quiet moments in the morning I get are some of the only quiet moments I will get all day. I love my days, but they are packed with caring for my baby, teaching teenagers biology, planning lessons, cooking dinner/cleaning and talking with my husband.

Before I had my daughter, Millie, I use to roll out of bed at the very last moment possible, leaving just enough time to jump in the shower, dry my hair and grab my breakfast before I head out the door for work. I didn’t know what I was missing. Having a baby changed that. I still go to work in the morning (I have to be there at 7:00 so things start early around here) but now that I am a mom when I come home I am still on the job, with my little.  I decided to make morning my time, or more accurately I decided to make morning my time with God. It has taken me a few months to refine my morning routine, but now I have it down.

Morning Routine 2

5:15 alarm goes off, and I grab 5 more minutes of sleep.

5:20 hop in the shower if It is a shower day (every other day) sleep a little more if not.

5:30 get dressed and head downstairs to do my hair and makeup. I have short hair so my hair takes all of 5 minutes (and that is on a wash day, it takes 1 minute on a non-wash day)

5:45 make breakfast and coffee (eggs, yogurt, or oatmeal usually. I try to keep it simple)

5:50-6:30 sit down with my bible, prayer cards, coffee and breakfast

6:30 Husband brings my little down the stairs and hands her off to me (he is the best and keeps her upstairs until then, so I have my time in the morning) She nurses and I check my email or read my favorite blogs on my phone

6:40 play time

6:55 out the door for my 5 minute commute to work (huge blessing to live close to the school where I teach)

Morning Routine 3

The weekends look totally different. I usually don’t get up before Millie on the weekends. I wait until I hear her wake before I get up. She nurses, we play together, I feed her breakfast while I eat breakfast, we play some more and then when she goes down for her morning nap I get my time with God.  I try to make it the first thing I do after I put her down, that way I don’t let other things I have on my mind to do get in the way.

Morning Routine 4

I realize each person is different, and all of our schedules are different, but I want to encourage you to at least experiment with giving 15 minutes with God in the mornings if you aren’t already. It could surprise you how powerful those few minutes become in your day.

~Allison at Whatever The Circumstances