What I Learned in September


image(1) To be quite honest, September's been a blur. We've often been either in meetings all day or on long road trips headed to meetings. At the moment we're preparing for a small move before our BIG and FINAL move to Milwaukee later this winter. As I'm writing, I'm wishing I had more profound things to share about What I Learned in September, but truly it's been more of a reactive than proactive kind of month. Anyone out there feeling this way? Just a few quick thoughts for this month.

1// MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) is really wonderful. Do you ever reach the point on long roadtrips where you can't listen to one.more.song? My solution this month has been Public Radio. I'm catching up on all my current events while gathering a multitude of random facts to break out in the future. Do you have public radio where you're living?

2// Guy and I have been learning a lot this month about having truth-filled conversations in a grace-filled spaced. When you're working with your spouse 24/7 you begin to find out pretty quickly that you can be very different in your work habits, how you prioritize tasks, or approach problem solving. You also see your pride get in the way of affirming your spouse in their work methods or receiving truth about your own from your spouse. We're learning a lot about grace these days.

3// Updating any piece of technology is a major time suck. Anyone else out there find themselves going through all their applications checking out all the new features in iOS7? And with that, did you know pressing the center button does NOT actually close down your apps? Who knew you actually have to double-click that button to close them? I certainly did not have all of my apps open on my phone for the past two years;).

4// Fall is still my favorite season. No matter how much I love the lazy, hazy days of summer they just don't compare to fall. I'm currently eating my weight in Honeycrisp Apples, pinning pumpkin recipes like no bodies business, and wearing my puffy vest regardless of the 80-degree temperatures.


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Blessings on your final weekend of September!