Day 14 // Gratitude


As we all dive into our weeks, our busy schedules, never ending to-do lists, and shuffling to and from activities, I have a challenge for us all. Gratitude. I must admit I did not create this challenge. Guy and I are currently at a four-day conference for our work, and to kick-off the conference, the speaker focused his talk on Gratitude. He presented us with an exercise and a challenge for the next four days. This week, while at the conference, we are to focus on what we are grateful for. Not just the big picture 'I am grateful for' things but the small, minute-to-minute moments that somehow get swept under the rug and forgotten on impact.

As our speaker so perfectly put, an attitude of gratitude can go beyond our circumstances and redirect our eyes on Him. I'm releasing my expectations, stepping back in the midst of a very busy week, and taking notice of how He's working and what He's saying. Will you join?

Release whatever impossible expectations you've placed on yourself this week, step back and focus on what He is providing, how He is present, and how He is working in you through the process.

As you start your Monday, or maybe you're reading this well into your day, what would it look like for you to focus on Gratitude this week? How are you grateful right. this. moment. for God's hand in your life? How is God working in big and small ways this week?


 This is Day 14 - Freed from Expectations.
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