Day 15 // two years later

131015_two-years Guy,

As I walked down the aisle, my eyes looking forward at you, I had an expectation already formed in my mind of what our life would be together. I saw a couple with powerful jobs, a new home, two cars, kids, and an early retirement. That was my plan and I was going to do everything in my power to bring it to fruition.

But you Guy, you came into marriage, not with fists closed to God’s plan for our lives, but with open hands and ears ready to listen to His call. You knew that any earthly plan we could dream up would never be as wonderful as pursuing the Lord with our lives. You showed passion for the Lord, a willingness to follow, and a heart yearning to grow.

I sat on the sidelines for a long time just watching you. It took more than the first year of our marriage for me to put just a foot out on the field. I didn’t fully comprehend your willingness to follow. I watched you pursue the Lord without boundaries; you didn’t hold God in a box that fit what the world said was possible, but knew He could do the unfathomable and the impossible in our lives.

Your daily actions over the past two years have opened my eyes to the character of our Lord and Savior. You have brought me closer to Him. You lifted off the box I had placed God in. You have loved me, served me, affirmed, encouraged, shown grace, spoken truth, offered forgiveness, and most importantly, pointed me closer to Him.

Guy, I no longer desire to sit on the sidelines or half-heartedly place one foot on the field. I am all in; desiring to, as a team, complete the plays God has set before us.

There is no other teammate I would rather do life with. Words will never fully express my love for you.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Guy!

~ Your Bryn


This is Day 15 - Freed from Expectations.
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