Day 17 // What is Real

131017_Real Sometimes what we think we see isn’t true to what is real. It’s as if we’re all walking through a hall of mirrors, the kind at the amusement park that purposefully distort us to look like something we’re not.

We arise one morning, looking into a mirror that reveals all the things we’d like to change about our bodies. The next morning the mirror reveals how we’ve failed to be the perfect mother, wife, or roommate. The following mirror compares us to other women and how we’ve fallen short. The mirrors continue, each one revealing another distorted image of ourselves we’re believing is true. Each mirror representing another expectation we’re not meeting.

Only one mirror shows us what is real. And it reveals the Most. Beautiful. Image. YOU. Exactly how you were created. Exactly how God created you to be. With every curve, dimple, hairstyle, personality, giftings, and skills. You, just as you are, are beautiful. What is real, is a woman, created in His image, made to glorify God.

So on this Thursday afternoon, as you finish your week, I encourage you to join me in keeping your eyes on what is real. Focus on the words of Ephesians to remind you of what is true of your identity. You are beautiful, uniquely made.


Have a beautiful end to your Thursday!


This is Day 17 - Freed from Expectations.
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