Day 18 // Moving Forward

131018_MovingForwardWe’re more than halfway through the #31day challenge and we’ve dug deep into the reality of our expectations as women. I started this month sharing my personal experiences facing expectations. Then moved on to uncover and define the expectations. And this week, we've dug into what is true and real of our identities. So before moving forward I thought today would be the perfect chance to recap where we've been so far. Day 1 - Freed from Expectations

Day 2 - My High School Expectations

Day 3 - The College Years

Day 4 - Today

Day 5 - Together We Have Power

Day 6 - Confident of This

Day 7 - What are the Expectations?

Day 8 - A New Battle Tactic

Day 9 - Peeling Away the Layers

Day 10 - Beautiful Things

Day 11 - that little thing called Community 

Day 12 - A Word from Tina Fey

Day 13 - Ephesians 6:10

Day 14 - Gratitude

Day 15 - two years later

Day 16 - What is True

Day 17 - What is Real

Day 18 - Moving Forward

There are so many personal stories we each could share, so many expectations that I haven’t even uncovered, and so many truths we can be speaking to ourselves each moment of every day. I hope to continue writing through these topics far beyond the #31day challenge. The fact of the matter is that the expectations don’t disappear overnight and we do not immediately walk in the freedom that we have been given. For the remainder of the month I’ll be digging into the ‘How’ of seeking freedom from expectations. But before I begin, I’d love to hear how you are seeking freedom from expectations?


This is Day 17 – Freed from Expectations.
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