Day 19 // Feeling Free

131019_relaxSaturday has finally arrived! Guy and I just returned from a two week road trip across the Midwest for work and we are excited to jump back into our routines. We'll be catching up on overdue work and soaking in the last few warm days of fall (they're predicting snowfall on Tuesday, eek!!). There's a lot of work to complete but I'm secretly hoping to steel away a few moments for some leisurely reading. Grab your favorite fall beverage, pull up a blanket, and enjoy some truly wonderful reading that will leave you feeling free this weekend! You can click the titles of each article and read away:)



This is Your Courage Fully Released // Chatting at the Sky

Art doesn’t diagnose, treat, advise, scold or lecture. Art doesn’t lie, manipulate, assign, or prescribe. Art engages, arouses, envisions, and releases.


What I would say to me: A Letter to Myself Five years Ago // Grace Covers Me

I would look me in the 28-year-old tired eyes, touch the round pregnant belly, kiss the 20-month-old temperamental toddler, smile at the toys strewn all over the house, and say...


Want to ROCK your Day-to-Day? Do What You Know // The Small Change Project

For perhaps the first time ever we are extremely happy with our day-to-day life. We’re not obsessing about future plans we are just content exactly where we are.


Beauty Unedited: Why I'm Not Editing Out My Wrinkles // Adriel Booker

I recall that conversation and the pang of conviction comes because it wasn’t just naivety causing me to make those statements; it was truth. And somewhere along the line I’ve bought into the myth that says youthfulness equals beauty, flawlessness equals beauty, impossible standards equal beauty.


May you each have a lovely weekend filled with the sights and scents of fall, opportunities for rest and relaxation, and quality time with family and friends. And may you even sneak away a few moments for yourself.

This is Day 19 - Freed from Expectations.
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