Day 2 - My High School Expectations

131002_highschool It was just a yellow cardigan. Nothing special, but it hugged my arms, sides, and stomach a little too close for comfort. I wore it once, in a moment of small confidence, but it felt terribly uncomfortable and I found myself retreating to my large sweatshirts; shoving the cardigan back into the crevices of my closet.

It was just a yellow cardigan. But it stood for so much more to my 16-year old self. It meant confidence, beauty, popularity and acceptance. All things I had read were supposed to be important to a woman. My teen magazines, peers, and television shows all told me how to be the ‘perfect’ woman. My only problem was I couldn’t be that woman.

It was just a yellow cardigan. But it could never give me confidence, acceptance, or love. There is only One who could truly show me all of those and I didn’t yet know Him. He was the only One who says you are beautiful, sweatshirt or cardigan, ponytail or curled hair, make-up or no make-up, you are beautiful. You are accepted, witty or not, athletic or clumsy, popular or not so popular, you are accepted. You are loved, without conditions, without the need to compromise your morals, without the need to impress, you are loved.

It was just a yellow cardigan for me. Maybe it was a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a shirt for you. But for me it represented all that I was lacking, all the expectations I wasn’t meeting, and it was only just the beginning.

This is Day 2 - Freed from Expectations



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