Day 21 // The "How"

131021_thehow I was standing in front of 40 of my peers with a panel of design professionals and professors sitting before me in the front row. All eyes focused intently on the work I had spent the past 15 week semester developing and designing. I came prepared, spoke confidently, and was proud of the work I presented.

Not 30 seconds after I finished my presentation one of the professionals stepped forward and began to critique my design. The criticism was never easy to take and for a long time I believed criticism equaled failure. I'd return home from a presentation frustrated and angry. But as I reached my junior and senior years of college, I realized that just wasn't true. My professors and the professionals in the design community were not rooting for me to fail, they were rooting for me to succeed. They were challenging me to grow in my abilities as a designer.

All this to say, my point is, as we begin to look at the "how" of overcoming expectations, it's important to remember that it's a process that does not happen overnight, it will take hard work, it will come with days that feel like we have failed, it will require grace, and it will require day. after day. after day. of reading, speaking, and believing truth. And just like my professors, who had once been in my shoes, were passing down to me what they had learned, we each have women in our lives who have once walked in our shoes and who have an abundance of knowledge to share with us about overcoming expectations. We as women are not rooting for each other to fail, but are challenging each other to grow in our individual relationships with Christ.

The "how" cannot happen without first walking in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In Christ alone our hope is found and in Christ we have a community that will challenge us to grow nearer to Him and to live our lives to glorify Him. I'm going to share this week about the "how" that has given me freedom from expectations (and continues to) and has pointed me to Christ, but I don't want to forget that the "how" is only possible because I know Christ and because I have a community of women that I am doing life with.

In Christ. With Community. The "how" is possible.


This is Day 21 - Freed from Expectations.
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