Day 22 // Choosing Joy

Each expectation is so deeply woven into each individual. No two women experience expectations exactly the same and no two women seek freedom from expectations exactly the same. We each are coming to the table with distinct stories that have brought us to where we are today. Somewhere thick in the pages of my story lies a chapter titled comparison. I'm going to open up that chapter today. The pages in your story look different than mine, but I share in the hope that you too are encouraged to dig into your own story. To rewrite the expectations that have hindered you from truly experiencing the love of Christ.


I saw her walking down the street. She was tall, thin, with perfectly styled hair, and excellent style. I admired her. I desired to have her confidence, her taste in clothing, her shape. My impulse was to start looking for her flaws. I couldn't handle feeling like I was less. I needed to puff myself up in an effort to push her down. I wouldn't actually say anything to her, but I was certainly thinking about it.

Maybe you've been there too. Falling trap to comparing yourself to your girlfriends, family, or even complete strangers. For me, I see splayed across the pages of my story, a women consumed with herself. When I'm deep within the trenches of my mind, comparing myself to other women, I have lost the ability to truly, selflessly care for other women in my life. Each time, as I compare myself to other women, I am telling God, I need more, You are not enough, I am not content.

But when I cease comparing, I am free to experience the True Joy that is only found in Him. True Joy says that I am enough, that I have been given all I need, that I am content with what I have and who I am. True Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and comes when I am walking in step with the Lord. True Joy happens when I place others before myself, when I selflessly step forward to love others in my life.

I want to open the pages of this chapter and see only True Joy. I am challenging myself to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit as I step out of bed each morning. I desire for my words and my thoughts to glorify God and to encourage others. I want to be content in all situations and experiencing the Joy that only He can provide.


This is Day 22 - Freed from Expectations.
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