Day 23 - A Joy that Will Not Fade


It's easy for me to find joy in a new pair of jeans or a trip to Target. It's easy for me to go out for nice dinner and feel happy and content. It's easy for me to see 'likes' on Facebook or retweets on Twitter and feel accepted and confident in my words. But while none of these are inherently bad, none of them allow me to experience true joy.

When I am comparing myself to others it's because I am seeking joy in something other than Him. I desire to look like the women in magazines, so I go out to purchase a new pair of jeans hoping the jeans make me feel and look like the women in the images. And often, for a short time, they do give me joy. But eventually, they'll end up in a pile of clothes that never gets worn and the once exciting joy will fade away.

True joy does not wear or fade. It is not temporal.

And many days I forget these truths, making decisions that will bring me immediate but temporary joy. I am constantly standing in a battle choosing true joy over comparison and temporary happiness.

I'm choosing to remember where I find true joy. I'm choosing to reflect on the abundant life in Him I've undeservedly been given. I'm choosing to praise Him for all His blessings.


This is Day 23 - Freed from Expectations.
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