Day 24 // Tending to the Garden

131024_weeding Gardens grow into beautiful spaces when an individual takes the time to water, weed, and care for them. They require patience, time, and commitment before the fruit of the labor can be seen and experienced.

In the past few years I've watched God place passions on my heart and I've leaned into His leading. I've opened my hands to allow Him to plant the seeds that have grown into a fire for His word, a calling to see His name proclaimed, a passion to see women rise up as sisters in Christ that encourage, affirm, speak truth, and show grace. I've witnessed the seeds growing into small buds and I want to continue to walk forward in faith and witness the buds grow into His masterpiece.

As He tends to my heart, forgives me, redeems me, and shows me grace, I daily must choose to identify the sin that seeks to choke out His work. I know some of these weeds, these sins, all too well. I have been tending to the weeds, slowly pulling them away from the budding flowers, making room for His work to be revealed. The weeds I'm pulling may look, and likely do look, different than yours. My weeds may not be weeds at all in your garden.


As I walk in the freedom from expectations I'm pulling these weeds from my life:

// Magazines //

While I still love to read cooking, design, Darling or Influence Network magazines, I know that gossip, lifestyle, and fashion magazines set me back. To be honest, I love seeing all the cute outfits and fun tips, but they just trigger a wave of unrealistic expectations, so I've simply said 'no' to buying them. I purposefully choose not to read nor even view them when I'm at the store or in the checkout aisle at the grocery store (which is no small feat). I need to be filling my mind with truths that will set me free, not bind me to my sin.

// Calorie Counting + Scales //

For me personally, calorie counting and scales have only led to a downward spiral of a bad relationship with food and exercise. I know what a healthy weight is for me and I want to focus on seeing myself as made in the image of Christ, not as a list of numbers that define me.

// Certain Media //

If a movie, television show, book, or form of music has me lusting over what I do not have or think I need, then it's not giving me freedom from expectations, it's adding to the expectations. Freedom points me closer to Christ.


I know that the weeds in my garden may not be the weeds in your own. I know there are weeds that I still have not pulled, weeds that continue to choke out His work being revealed in my life. I also know that He is doing beautiful things in and through me. I want to reveal His light in my life. I want to discover the passions and fire He is growing in me.


What do you need to pull in order to reveal His work in you life?

What passions and fire is He growing in you?


This is Day 24 - Freed from Expectations.
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