Day 26 // Reading + Viewing


For your Saturday. A little READING + VIEWING I've been enjoying this month.



// How I Simplified My Wardrobe - Allison Lehmen

How to you approach your wardrobe? Is it out of control like mine was a couple months ago? Do you find yourself keeping items that you NEVER wear?

// The Permission to Be Yourself - Jeff Goins

As it turns out, this call to be our truest selves rests entirely on you and me, on our ability to be authentic and honest with ourselves. And honestly, is there anything scarier than that?

// The Simplest Way to Make Room for Art - Emily Freeman

What happens when you leave out selfish ambition, jealousy, comparison, and competition?



// The Way You Think About Adulthood. - Jess Lively

It's definitely worth 10-minutes of your Saturday. We've all been there or are heading there. What does reality look like post-college. What choice are we each making?

// Give Me Faith - Elevation Worship

Give me Faith to trust what you say. That your good. And your love is great. I'm broken inside. I give you my life.


This is Day 26 - Freed from Expectations.
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