Day 28 // Let's Celebrate


We're going to finish October CELEBRATING! We're going to walk forward feeling the weight of our expectations falling away. We're going to celebrate the freedom we each have in Christ. We're going to celebrate community, beauty unedited, and choosing joy.

And to start the celebration, I could not think of another person, second to God, that has been more influential in releasing the chains of expectations in my life. My husband.

This man is my encourager, the one who's constantly cheering on my crazy ideas, my comforter on tough days, and truth speaker when my attitudes and actions get the best of me. He sees beauty just as it is, not covered with make-up or adorned with accessories, but simply just me, exactly as I am. He shows me what it means to choose joy, in the exciting parts of life, but also in the days where everything is feeling just a bit mundane. He is one of the individuals that has walked with me through the thick of expectations. I'm beyond blessed to be celebrating him today.

Happy 25th Birthday Guy!

This is Day 28 - Freed from Expectations.
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