Day 3 // The College Years

131003_CollegeCome back with me today to four sweet years of your life. The four years where you learned how to drink your coffee black because you didn’t have the money to buy a latte. When you ate buffet style for dinner and then ordered pizza while studying just a few short hours later. Going to bed at midnight was for old people. And it was totally socially acceptable to not shower for consecutive days in a row. Ponytail and headband anyone? It was pretty amazing in an amazingly unglamorous I’m broke, don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but hey I have four years to figure it out kind of way.

Those are the thoughts I have looking back. It was truly an amazing four years that I'd give anything to go back to if just to cherish a little more closely. But it wasn't always that way.


I thought college would be like this.

I had a envisioned in my head who I would be, what I would do, and where I would live. I had the vision of a tall and thin blonde who always knew the right things to say, would live in a super cute flat with perfectly coordinating furniture and decorations, and upon graduation would land the dream job in architecture. That’s what college looks like in the movies right?

But it looked more like this.

I was exercising like mad to maintain my high school frame, counting the calories of everything I placed in my mouth terrified of the dreaded freshmen 15 everyone had warned me about, I was losing passion for the architecture classes that I had thought I’d love, and my dorm room was a mash of hand me down furniture and dusty linoleum floors.


It took me most of my freshmen year to see the writing on the wall. I was setting myself up for failure before I even began. I was feeding myself lies, trying to be someone I’m not, destroying my body and spirit in the process. It took many late night conversations with many incredible women, who spoke hard truths, but also showed incredible grace, to tear down the lies I had built in my mind. It took some serious time of rewiring my thoughts. Disconnecting the web of lies I'd picked up from pop culture and reconnecting the wires to the truths found only in Him.

This was college. This is Day 3 - Freed from Expectations.


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