Day 30 // there's no neatly tied package at the finish line

131030_finish October 30. Day 30 of the 31 Day Challenge. First of all, where did the month go? And second of all, can you truly be finished with expectations just because the month is over? For me, I know that freedom from expectations can't be packaged up with a neat bow at midnight on the 31st. There's still so much to be uncovered, growth still in process, and expectations that I haven't yet encountered.

I started this month desiring to challenge myself in my writing abilities, to uncover my unique voice in this space, and to open the doors a bit wider to the passions that have been lying dormant in my heart. I'm finishing this month in a very different place, a better place, but also a place that is still learning and growing.

As a twenty-something, semi-newly married, and young in life experiences, the last thing I ever want is to sound like I have it all together. That will never be true of my life and should never be true of this space. I'm a women, in process, seeking the beauty that exists in each part of life, whether that be the exciting life-changing moments or the just plain mundane of the day-to-day experiences.

I have a passion to see other women experience the beauty in life's everyday moments, to share in the real, not always glamorous moments of life, to fellowship together, to encourage and spur one another on in our marriages, families, relationships, careers, hobbies, dreams, and most importantly our faith.

There is freedom in community. There is freedom when I am willing to be vulnerable and transparent with other women in my life. There is freedom in having a voice that is uniquely mine and not being afraid to speak. There is freedom when I am embracing my passions, skills, goals, and dreams; when I am not striving to be someone I am not. There is freedom in revealing my true self, unfiltered, unedited. There is freedom in acknowledging and reminding myself time and time again that I am made in the Image of Christ. There is freedom in opening my hands to His plans; acknowledging that my hope and joy are complete in Him.

Friday, I will be flipping the calendar from October to November, but there will be no neat package at the finish line. Growth is still happening, expectations still exist, and God is still working.

This is Day 30 - Freed from Expectations.
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