Day 31 // Beauty in 31 Days

To close October I'm sharing the  A R T  revealed in these past 31 days of blogging. I'm joining along with many others who are taking October 31st to share words and images that represent the art they each are making with their hands or with their lives right now.


This is the  A R T  in my life this month

// R E S T //  Sometimes what we most need in our day-to-day lives and are least likely to grant ourselves is rest. Our lives become cluttered with heavy, dark strokes of color that leave us in a constant state of stress and hurry. My husband and I said no to the expectation that "busy is better" this month and decided to spend our anniversary resting. We stepped away from our work, turned off our various pieces of technology, and checked into the hotel with the biggest, fluffiest bed we could find. We rested and we realized, sometimes, seeing and making art in our lives doesn't have to be fancy and done up. Sometimes the most beautiful art looks like a slice of deep dish pizza, an extra comfy bed, long hours of sleep, a morning greeted by piping hot coffee, no alarms, and a few quiet moments spent intentionally connecting with your loved one.



// C O M M U N I T Y //  I love our small/big community of friends we've being doing life with for the past six years. Even as we are spread across states we continue to paint beautiful, large strokes in each others lives. These are the friends, that as we traveled across four states for two weeks this month, opened their homes to us and offered us a wonderful place to stay. These are the friends that we stayed up with into the wee hours of the morning, catching up on life, and reminiscing about our college years. We cheer each other on in our passions and pursuits, pray for one another and our future steps, and hope together that the span between our next visits won't be so long.

// G R O W T H //  The most beautiful part of the past 31 days, that splashes the most color on the canvas this month, is growth. Intentionally writing daily left my fingers tired, but my heart ready to listen, learn, and grow. Beautiful strokes of personal experiences, fellowship created over shared false expectations, and time after time rewriting the lies with the truths of scripture created the starting strokes of what's to come. Old and new expectations were uncovered. The words freedom, joy, gratitude, and grace are still churning in my mind. The growth does not end today.


Now it's your turn, how are you making Art with your hands or in your life today?

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What expectations have you released this month?


This is Day 31 - Freed from Expectations.
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