Day 4 // Today

My expectations today look strikingly different than the expectations I held as a 16 -18 year old.  By no means have I freed myself from all societal expectations. I am human and constantly battling between the promises of society and the truths of the Bible. But today there are truths I am certain of; truths that I did not know six years ago.  


Today, these are the truths I am confident of.

Today I am a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I know His promises and from that I know that I can have peace, joy, confidence, and strength as I look to today and my future days.

Today I seek to know and obey His Word. I desire for its Biblical truths to grow me in every area of my life. I have witnessed His Word wash away lies that had once left me paralyzed.

Today I desire to show Christ to others in my actions, my words, and all parts of my life, the exciting and even the mundane. I desire for others to know His love and for my life to glorify Him.

Today I have seen the power of prayer. I have witnessed my relationship with the Father flourish as I intentionally choose to connect with Him. I have felt His presence free me from the chains of comparison, performance, and image.

Today I have a deeper understanding of the grace I have, and continue to, undeservedly receive. I know that He is, and always will, be there as my imperfect self stumbles and falls.

Today I desire to follow His calling each day of my life. I do not desire to sit around idling, filling my mind with magazines, movies, or activities that do not glorify Him and further promote societies standards in my life.

Today I seek to remove the love of money, the love of things, the love of a success that does not and will not bring me closer to Him. They are no substitute for Christ and the joy that only He can bring into my life.


Today I am breaking free from the chains of expectations.


This is Day 4 - Freed from Expectations.
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