Day 9 // Peeling Away the Layers


Peeling off the layers of expectations we are holding onto can be exhausting and challenging, a worthwhile challenge, but exhausting nonetheless. It requires courage, boldness, and willpower. Take an onion for example. When we begin chopping an onion, we start at the surface with the layers that easily break away without much strength or might, but as we reach the core of the onion, we’re weeping, our eyes are red, it will take all of our willpower to peel through these layers.

These inner layers reveal the lies we believe. They reveal our weaknesses. They reveal pasts we haven’t forgotten, pains we cannot walk forward from, and hurts that remain fresh and influential in our lives.


But it’s only when we peel through the core that we are finally able to move forward. When we’ve made our way through the layers of the onion we can begin to see beautiful things, we can begin to witness the transformation of the onion into more than it’s past state. Our dish can begin to come alive with flavor, new aromas will arise, and other ingredients will be awakened.

Peeling away the layers begins first with placing our hope in God, not man. It begins by tossing the raw onion layers into the pan, adding ingredients needed to bring to life the flavors, and allowing the heat to bring new life.

We begin by tossing our expectations in the pan. Identifying them. Calling them out for what they are; lies.  We toss them away, giving them up to the Creator to make things new. It takes time to develop the flavors, and the richness is drawn out through time in His Word, filling ourselves with Truth, spending time in prayer, being vulnerable with community. And all the while He is there, He is the only way the onion can go from its past state to its new state. He makes beautiful things. In His likeness and image. He makes beautiful things.

What flavors might be awakened if you peel away the layers today?

What are the expectations that you need to toss into the pan this week? What passages and truths is He speaking to you to begin peeling away the expectations? Who can you commit to sharing these expectations with and ask to hold you accountable to continue to toss them away?



This is Day 9 - Freed from Expectations
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