Simple, Beautiful, & Affordable Holiday Ideas

I have been so stinking thankful for the time we've had to spend with our families this fall. In 2014 we'll be moving from the Twin Cities to Milwaukee and I have this strong desire to bottle up each and every family dinner, weekend at the lake, and time spent lounging in the living room together (we are professionals at lounging as a family). I know these will become special occasions following our move and I am so thankful we've been given this season to soak up all the family time we can get our hands on. I want to be fully present for these moments. I don't want the details (meal planning, decorations, gift giving, etc) of the Holidays to take away from being fully present and thankful for the time we have with our friends and family.

This Holiday Season I'm looking to keep things in our home:

S I M P L E // B E A U T I F U L // A F F O R D A B L E // G R A C E - F I L L E D.

If I can manage to keep those four words in mind, I know my mind can be fully present as we gather with others and my heart will be focused on the abundant blessings in this season.

So let's dig in this week with our homes, and more specifically, our tables. The table is often the gathering spot of our homes. We gather around the table with friends and family to enjoy our favorite holiday foods and to soak in the company of conversation with one another. It's where we catch up on each others lives and express our gratitude for what's ahead. Instead of fussing over the perfect table, I'm focusing on the individuals that will be sitting around that table. I'm loving these beautiful, simple, and affordable holiday pieces that keep my focus on the individuals not the stuff.

131106_Thankful at Home

Burlap Runner // Craft Paper Placemats  // Green Apple Place Settings // Gold and White Painted Pumpkins and Candles // Twine Tied Mini-Pumpkins // White Serving Ware // Painted Green Pumpkins

Bryn's Tip: I particular love all of these pieces because they can be found at any local craft store. Just a touch of crafters paint or a quick trim of fabric and you have a beautiful, nearly effortless table.


How can you simplify this season?

What's one item on your holiday to-do list you can remove?

How can you love the individuals in your life well this Holiday Season?