131118_busy We've had an unusually full weekend. Typically that isn't a problem because in our season of life we tend to take Friday's as our sabbath, which allows us to take on even the fullest of weekends. But this past week was very different and due to circumstances out of our control, we just couldn't take a sabbath on Friday or any day this weekend for that matter.

On one of our recent walks around the neighborhood, Guy and I were checking in with each other on how we were handling these busy days lately and I had a bit of a revelation of sorts. I have two options to make when someone asks how I am doing. I can either complain, say that I am busy (I'm starting to really not like that word), and start rattling off the list of everything that needs to get done. Or I can express that I am grateful for a full schedule, for a season in ministry that I get to witness God daily provide physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and be thankful for the opportunity to be pursuing something I am deeply passionate about every single stinking day.

You see, I chose to be where I am today. Guy and I together chose to follow where we felt God was leading us. We chose to take the plunge, foregoing opportunities for other careers, to truly pursue something we are incredibly passionate about. And on the days when the thing we're passionate about is less than rosy (and those days certainly happen often), I want to choose thankfulness, I want to remember that we are pursuing our passions, faithfully following and trusting Him, and that is an incredible blessing and gift.

So as you dive into your own week, instead of looking at your to-list as a source of anxiety and stress, how is it a blessing and a gift? What are your Echoes of Thanksgiving this week? Where can you show yourself and others grace?


Here's what's on tap for the week ahead:


// Blessed to live close enough to my mom right now that I can spend a few hours Christmas shopping with her, grabbing lunch together, and enjoying some quality mother-daughter time together.

// Thankful for the community of women in my life here in the Twin Cities and the opportunities to celebrate each others milestones, walk through the tough moments holding each other up, and spur one another on in our personal growth and faith.


// While the week's are full, I'm giving myself grace to rest well. Burn out won't help accomplish everything on the to-do list.

// When I find myself complaining about the busy, give grace. I complain a lot and I know that won't change overnight, but I know by God's grace I can start to remove the word busy from my vocabulary and replace it with thankful, grateful, and blessed.


  • Wednesday I'll be sharing my Holiday Gift Guide of my favorite Handmade Shops!
  • Friday I'll be giving out a FREE Wall Print
  • Possibly this week, but for sure in the coming weeks I'll be sharing my vision for this space in 2014. Hints: it has something to do with those passions that might be lying dormant in your lives right now.


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