November Goals

131104_NovemberGoals Right now in our ministry we talk a lot about momentum. We work hard to establish routines that enable us to maximize the fruitfulness of our ministry and family, but we continue to find, while it takes time to build momentum, it only takes one brief occurrence to break momentum.

We began October riding the momentum we had painstakingly worked to build during the late summer and early fall, but as the second week of October approached, we left for a two-week road trip, that while wonderful in many aspects, was a momentum buster. Much of our vision for the month was lost in the shuffle of staying at multiple homes, partaking in a work conference, and taking a one-day break to celebrate our anniversary. Truly it was all very wonderful, but as we returned home to finish out the month it became obvious we had lost our momentum. We were tired, ready to be complete with this stage of our ministry, and lacking the motivation to push onward.

I think there were a lot of circumstances in play that led to losing our momentum, but I believe there are steps we can be taking daily to prevent it from happening so easily this month. We know that November ushers in the holiday season and with it, parties and gatherings that will require us to press pause on our work and ministry (and we want to press pause). But we want to press pause without having to start back at zero in momentum. We've always had 30,000-foot level goals in our ministry. The kind of goals that you attain over the course of many months or even years, but we've never set goals that, while working towards the 30,000-foot goals, can be accomplished within a month. Because really when we lose our momentum, feel tired, and lack motivation, it's likely we have just lost sight of the goal. We couldn't physically cross a task off our list because we still had months to go before it was complete. That feels overwhelming and the smallest of bumps in the road can be a momentum killer.

This month, we're trying something new. We're setting goals for the month. Goals that are physical, attainable, and small. They can be crossed off when finished and we can see physically see progress towards our 30,000-foot goals. These are goals, that as they are accomplished, will allow us to press pause and truly be grateful and thankful for the holidays we have with our family and friends.


I'll stop back at the end of the month to share our progress and thoughts, but for today, these are our     N O V E M B E R   G O A L S:

  1. Reach 80-Percent of our monthly ministry funding.
  2. Finish our Seminary Course.
  3. Post 3-times a week on the blog.
  4. Restart consistent workout routine.
  5. Spend extended time in prayer as a family.
  6. Write and Send handwritten notes.
  7. Write one thing I am thankful for at the end of each day.
  8. Design note card, print, and place setting focusing on thankfulness and gratitude.


Now it's your turn. What are your November Goals? Join me this month on Instagram and share pictures of your goals being accomplished! Use the hashtag #novembergoals so I can find you!

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