Winter is in full force up here in Minnesota -- and it is COLD! I had the opportunity to wear my fall coat for all of one month. In it's place I've dug out my down blanket, aka my very oversized winter coat. And the Uggs have made an appearance. I know, not the most fashionable, but those puppies are warm and free of liquids seeping in the seams. They're here to stay for another season.

But, remember back at the beginning of this month I talked about momentum and setting goals that will allow us to maintain momentum? Well, we've reached the end of November already (crazy I know!) and it's that time of the month to look back on our goals.

N O V E M B E R   G O A L S  R E V I E W E D

1// Reach 80-percent of our Monthly Ministry Funding.

This was maybe the most difficult goal to write down this month. This goal, while totally attainable, was not fully in my power. I knew though, I could set this goal, I could pray big things, and I could show up each day at work and give my full time and effort to seeing this goal completed. I knew that much was in my power and that's exactly what I did. We're still waiting for final numbers to come in, but as I write this on Wednesday evening, we're at 79% -- we've got two more days to see it happen and we're praying big that God provides, while totally amazed at the blessings He's poured out in our ministry this month.

2// Finish our Seminary Course

Nearly finished as of Wednesday evening. We've been walking through the entire New Testament in our course this fall and I can say this month by far was the most focused I have been while working on our coursework. It's been exciting to see my picture of the New Testament grow fuller with each class, but because it was a class, and assignments needed to be completed in a timely fashion, I am looking forward to re-reading the New Testament a bit slower in the coming months.

3// Post 3-Times a Week on the Blog

Check. October's Challenge has left it's mark and I'm truly excited about writing and excited about what's to come in this space in 2014.

4// Restart Consistent Workout Routine

Oh man. Did I mention we had a high around 15-degrees this past weekend? What a month to restart a workout routine. I know there's gyms and exercise I could do inside, but I'm a runner and as hard as I try, treadmills have never been my style. I love that running can be the one moment in my day where I turn my brain off and let my body do the work. I've seen the fruit of running consistently this month -- and I'm hoping this keeps me motivated as the temperatures continue to plunge here in Minnesota.

5// Spend Extended Time in Prayer

There's still bucket loads of growing to be done in this area, but baby steps. It's hard to change the habit of tackling the to-do list first before spending time in prayer. This one you'll see reappearing in December.

6// Write and Send Handwritten Notes

I designed the cards. Had a list of individuals I wanted to send cards to. But I completely failed at actually sending the cards. I still think this is a really important habit to learn and will also be taking this one forward into the month of December.

7// Write one thing I am Thankful for at the end of each Day

Failed to write even one thing down. I thought about it most nights, but chose to sleep instead. I'd like to chew on this one a bit more and maybe think of a way to make it habit that also fits with the rhythm of my days.

8// Design Notecards and Prints Focusing on Thankfulness

This has been SO fun this month! I love leaning into creative moments, unknowing of the results, but just having fun playing around with colors, fonts, patterns, and words. Stay tuned for more fun prints coming your way next month!

How did you do this month on your goals? What was the most exciting goal you saw accomplished?


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