Monday Perspectives.

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Monday. Lately Monday's bring with them dark mornings, large cups of black coffee, and an overwhelming sense that there's more on my to-do list than can be accomplished in a mere seven days.  Anyone else out there relate?

I went to sleep last night thinking about these patterns. Asking myself: What can I do before Monday that sets me up for success in my coming week? How do I define success at the end of the day or week? Do I start my week with echoes of thanksgiving and loads of grace?

Maybe you've had similar thoughts as you dig into your Monday. I'd love for you to join along with me today and share in the comments your echoes of thanksgiving, where you're giving yourself grace, and any fun and encouraging tips you use to start your week.


  • We attended a wedding this weekend with some of our closest friends from college. It's a rare occasion lately that we are all together for an extended amount of time. We ended up renting a large cabin so we all could stay together and even though it can be difficult to start the week after being away all weekend, it was exactly what we needed and incredibly refreshing and just plain fun.
  • Talking to my sister last night I was just so grateful I've locked her in as family. I don't know how she accomplishes all she does and manages to daily loves others in her life so selflessly.
  • While I can't explain in too much detail, God truly answered prayers in incredible ways last week for our ministry. There's so many days when I believe that ministry happens because of what I am doing. How humbling it's been to see God prove to me that it truly is nothing I am doing, but His hand in my life doing all the work.


  • I have a list of five things that need to be accomplished this week, everything else goes onto a different list that I'll dig into if I have time. If I don't have time that's okay, I want to focus my time on what needs to be accomplished. If you're interested to learn more, I read the e-book mentioned in this post and it's been so helpful in learning how to simplify, streamline, and pursue what I'm passionate about on a daily basis. This week my five must happens are:
    1. Begin Christmas Conference preparation with my coworker, starting with a meeting this week to designate roles and assignments.
    2. Attend our Weekly Ministry Meetings.
    3. Complete all ministry related emails, messages, and phone calls.
    4. Start my new volunteer role with the Influence Network (excited to share more about this later), which begins with a Google Chat tomorrow.
    5. Take extended time to pray with Guy and designate a Sabbath.
  • While I do create a "must-happen" list, I know that my self worth and value are not tied to the amount of work I accomplish in a week. Grace happens in the moments where I accept that I cannot do it all and I need Him to accomplish any and all of it.



What are your echoes of Thanksgiving this Monday afternoon?

Where can you show yourself grace in your week?