131127_thankful We each get to spend the next few days soaking in time with our family and friends. We each know that the purpose of this weekend does not lie in how perfect we cook the turkey or how many deals we rack up on Black Friday, but the purpose of this weekend is to be thankful for being F U L L.


Full in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Full with quality time spent with family and friends.

Full with warm homes during the early days of winter.

Full with an abundance of food to fill our stomachs.

Full with rest, community, and thankfulness.

To be full means not lacking or omitting anything.

I know today, in this season of our lives, we are Full. I am thankful. I do not take that for granted.


Enjoy the fullness of your Thanksgiving! We'll see you back here on Black Friday for a look back on the month of November!